Learn How to Market Your Online Store on Facebook

If you need to learn the best practices of Facebook & Instagram marketing through a series of free, self-paced online courses its time you get on Facebook Blueprint.

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Blueprint eLearning can help anyone market more effectively on Facebook, from small businesses to agencies. All you need to get started is a Facebook account. Facebook Blueprint eLearning is a series of free, self-paced online courses and learning paths you can take to learn more about advertising on Facebook and Instagram. You can choose from a wide range of topics, and select learning paths that align with your overall business goals. All you need to sign up for Blueprint eLearning is a Facebook account.



 There are three ways to learn with Blueprint:

  • Blueprint eLearning is an online education program that teaches the best practices of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about Blueprint eLearning.
  • Blueprint Certification is a certification program that measures your understanding of Facebook advertising products and services. You can earn certification by passing two of the required exams. Learn more about Blueprint Certification.
  • Blueprint Live is an in-person training program that teaches you how to implement Facebook and Instagram advertising principles in your marketing plans. Learn more about Blueprint Live.

Start learning through Facebook Blueprint Here- BLUEPRINT BY FACEBOOK


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