How To Start A Podcast

It’s really simple. Create, record, publish and share. And repeat. The millennial (Read as fast and lacking in real depth) guide to starting a podcast

1.Create – Take the time to plan and create great content on whatever subject matter you chose. Sports, sex, school or socialism. Whatever it is that you truly care about that you believe other people would too. In these early days of African podcasting you can really get away with a lot in terms of the quality and listening experience if you content is amazing.

2. Record – Truth is, you don’t need the expensive studio setup to start a podcast. All you need is an audible recording that won’t make peoples ears bleed (make sure your content doesn’t). The first Lutcha podcast was recording using the normal voice recorder app on an iPhone. The android ones work great too. If you feel thats not enough you can always use this special podcast recording app for your phone: OPINION. If you have access to a professional microphone, its always better – but this guide is about you starting, not perfecting podcasts. Editing is also optional right at the start, you can use Garage band or Audacity just to make sure the sound is right and possibly add some back-round music.

3. Publish – All Lutcha podcast use the same publishing formula. You need a SoundCloud account which you can signup for in less that two minutes. Add artwork and a description of your podcast and then upload your first podcast. In order to add your podcast to iTunes simply add your RSS feed which is in your SoundCloud settings into this link: Submit to iTunes

4. Share – This is the hardest part. Shocker. Truth is, everything you have done up to this point is pointless if no one is listening to what you have made. Use the SoundCloud share button on your published podcast to share the link to the podcast. We use everything – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to share the links of specific episodes or the entire catalogue.


And that’s it. Or not really. This gets you started, check out the Lutcha Podcast Guide for detailed breakdown of the specifics.

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